Podcast 1:2 – Spending Time Alone (Together)

Anton Valley Panama

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Why we go on trips?
  • Your life does not start alone, you are dropped off in the middle of a bunch of stuff!
  • There is no beginning with just the two of you.
  • Important to disconnect from everyone and everything.
  • Second Marriages don’t have a real honeymoon time. 
  • Things we have learned about spending time together alone.
    • Understanding what helps the other person relax (Paige read a book, Darren Program)
    • Finding out what we enjoy together
    • Finding out what annoys the other

Trip Highlights

  • Panama, why? It was warm and we have not been there yet and not too expensive.
  • Riding horses on the beach.
  • We stayed in Rio Hato Buenaventura. Shameless un-paid Marriott Plug.
  • We went to Anton Valley, ate at an incredible restaurant in Casa de Lourdes.
  • Darren got a speeding ticket. Not his first in a foreign country.
  • Came up with the idea of doing a podcast
  • We spend time (not too much) talking about our future long term and short term.
    • Where we want to live?
    • Family Reunions
  • Falling in love all over again. Focused attention on each other and nothing else.
    • The most important relationship is our relationship.
    • The kids feel and notice how much we are in love.

Funny Moment
  • On this last trip, Darren was told he can go on the old person elevator at the Panama Canal.
Beautiful Flowers and a Beautiful Lady

Miraflores Panama Canal

Buenaventura Rio Hato Panama Sunset

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