They say when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade. Making lemonade is not always easy or possible. For us, we found ourselves single in our 40’s with kids at home and starting life over again. Luckily we found each other, online no doubt. When we began blending families, schedules, traditions, and laundry, we discovered lots of lemons. Our podcast is a reflection on how we get through the hard times and enjoy the good times on our new journey together, all with ten kids in tow. Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you make lemon squares. Lemonade might come later.

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#4.17 Understanding Differences Between Men and Women

Most marriage difficulties center around one fact, that men and women are totally different. There are emotional, mental and physical differences. We can have happier marriages if we make an effort to understand the differences.

#4.16 It’s Summer!! How Screen Time is Too Much?

Ok, so here we are again in the summertime!! It is a beautiful time of year. Kids are home, enjoying a nice break from school. It’s time for them to relax and chill. But what happens when their chillin involves hours and hours of screen time each day? How much is too much? Do we as parents ban screen time completely? Or limit it? Do we keep them super busy with other things? Let’s dive in and see what we can figure out.

#4.15 What Not To Do When you Travel

Darren & Paige are in Portugal for a week away from work and kids, but not podcasting. In this week’s episode. Find out what they learned not to do when they travel. Some of it from personal experience. Some of it by watching other tourists standing out. 🙂

#4.14 – Travel Tips from Portugal

This week Darren & Paige are in Portugal. Why Portugal? You have to listen to find out. They talk about some of the travel tips they have learned over the last eleven years of traveling together, including what not to pack and how to tip your waiter.

#4.13 Wise Considerations before Blending Families

Darren and Paige decided to tackle, “should you blend these two families?” It can be a colossal mistake to blend families too quickly. (says the couple who combined very quickly) There are some essential things to know before agreeing. (Do you like camping, do you want a dog, or do you want more kids??) The need for companionship can drive you too quickly.

#4.12 Success in Marriage!!

Is there a magic secret to a happy marriage? If we are told to do A, B, and C to make our marriage work would we do it? Do we do it? Or is it different for every single couple? Darren and Paige were curious about the tips that couples would give on how to keep a lasting marriage happy. They asked a lot of their friends and family that have been married for decades to see if there was some advice or if it is entirely different for each couple. Maybe a sense of humor isn’t that important to a more severe couple but essential to another.

#4.11 Why is Mother’s Day so hard???

Darren and Paige had a different podcast subject planned for today. However, after Mother’s Day came around, we saw a lot of feelings around this day and thought we would do another episode on this topic. This day is hard for many, how can we make it better????

#4.10 Co-parenting with an ex you don’t see eye to eye with.

This week, Darren and Paige discuss tips and tricks to help with a problematic co-parenting situation. This is hard stuff!! You are divorced for a reason, and now you still have to make many decisions together around the children. Let’s dive in!

#4.9 Perspective…Hard to Maintain!!

This week Darren and Paige talk about how to maintain perspective when things don’t go the way you planned or want. They will talk about some challenges and disappointment over the past few weeks. How do you maintain perspective??

#4.8 Selfishness in Marriage

This week Darren & Paige explore selfishness in Marriage with a quiz. Are you selfish in your marriage? Is your marriage about you or about your spouse?

#4.7 K-Drama

On today’s episode Darren & Paige talk about their excursion into watching Korean Dramas. Ok just one K-Daram “Crash Landing On You”, but they are considering watching another one.

#4.6 How to Reconnect With Your Spouse

Sometimes in our very busy lives we lose that connection and spark and just get set in the doldrums and monotony of just going through the motions of life. Darren and Paige are somewhat there. They have […]

#4.5 – Balancing Act Between Fun and Strict Parenting

Madeline and Paige were talking the other day about different parenting styles. Some are too lax; they just want to be their kid’s friends. Some are too strict, hovering, helicopter parents. Some are too serious; where is […]

#4.4 – Living in Two Households

In this episode, Darren talks to three of his kids about what it is like to have two households as teenagers? What it is like now that they are adults? and What advise they have for other kids that navigate two households?

Girls Trip

#4.3 – Stop Having Fun Without Me!

How can I happy when my spouse is doing something fun without me????

“Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening.” 

#4.2 – Expectations in Marriage: What to do with them

Are you effectively communicating your expectations to your spouse? How do you even attempt to talk about your wants and needs in your relationship? Have you just given up on expecting anything? Check out Darren and Paige’s discovery of how to navigate this tough subject.

#4.1 – We’re Back! Kicking off 2022

It has been six months since our last episode. Where have we been? What have we been doing? Why did we stop? Why are we starting up again? Find out in this episode. Why we started Wanted […]

Podcast 3:11 – The Over Communicative Ex

Does your spouse spend too much time on the phone with their Ex? Does the Ex just walk into the house and help themselves to food? In this episode Darren & Paige look at the “Over Communicative […]


Podcast 3:10 – Kindness in Marriage

Darren & Paige look at how kindness or lack thereof can shape a marriage relationship. It does not mean that they don’t have disagreements, but they show how kindness can still be a part of everything. Why […]

Podcast 3:9 – The Silent Ex-Spouse

Does your ex-spouse communicate with you? Or is it just silence when you try to co-parent. Listen to Darren and Paige talk about techniques to open the communications channels and improve co-parenting. What people do Blame Game […]

Podcast 3:8 – 30 Day Relationship Challenge

Play our podcast episode here or Subscribe. In this episode, Darren and Paige look at a 30-day relationship challenge calendar. Find out what they think works and what doesn’t work. We used the calendar from the website  […]

Podcast 3:7 – (Don’t) Die hard in Traditions

Play our podcast episode here or Subscribe. In this episode we revisit traditions. We start questioning some of the traditions we stuck with when we first blended after one of our kids mentioned how busy Christmas is […]

Podcast 3:6 – Valentine’s Day Reboot

Have you ever wondered why Valentine’s Day is so stressful? We can tell you why. Expectations vs Reality. Listen to the latest “Where’s the Lemonade?” to hear how Darren & Paige handle or don’t handle this curious […]

Podcast 3:5 – Disneyland Dad Syndrome

Play our podcast episode here or Subscribe. Disneyland Dad Syndrome is real and affects blended families every day. It is so prevalent that there is a legal definition for it. So how do you become a Disneyland […]

Podcast 3:4 – It all began in Panama

Play our podcast episode here or Subscribe. We recently had Facebook and Google give us reminders of where we were 2 years ago today. What came up is the inception of our podcast. On a trip to […]

Podcast 3:3 – Pass the Xanax – Dealing with Anxiety in Blended Families

Blended families bring lots of new stressors into a relationship. Anxiety is high and sometimes your attempts to help your family to blend just increases the anxiety for everyone. In this episode, Darren & Paige talk about causes of anxiety and how to deal with anxiety in your family.

Podcast 3:2 – The Lemonade of Blended Families

There are many studies on the adverse effects of divorce and the trials of blended families. In this episode, Darren & Paige are only looking at the “Lemonade” of blended families. That is right put on your […]

Podcast 3:1 – What a year!! 2020 in Review

In this episode, we review what happened in 2020. What our plans were, how they adjusted, and how we grew closer together as a family. Learn about travel plans, weddings, eating habits, toilet paper and how we […]

Podcast 2:23 – Don’t Judge Me!

  Blended families get judged. No doubt about it. The kids get judged, they come from a broken family, they are going to have issues in school, and in relationships in the future. And the adults do […]

Podcast 2:21 – Even Stevens in a Blended Family

In this episode, Darren & Paige try to figure out how to keep things even between the kids, the ex(s), and the different houses. This is not an easy task! In fact,  we find that it is […]