#4.7 K-Drama

On today’s episode Darren & Paige talk about their excursion into watching Korean Dramas. Ok just one K-Drama “Crash Landing On You”, but they are considering watching another one.

K drama!!!!

  • Darren and I just finished a K drama, Crash Landing on You
  • Paige was very hesitant, don’t want to read my tv
  • We had been told by so many people, of all ages and likes, to watch this show
  • What is a k drama?
  • Why it was good for our relationship? had to focus only on the show, talked alot about it after.
  • Writing was great – good story, clean

Good clean Entertainment

  • Refreshing to not have garbage to worry about in the show
  • However, they do discuss some serious subjects, suicide. Seems like a normal topic there. 
  • Chemistry between the two leads is great. They are actually a couple in real life!
  • Interesting to see how they portray North Korea vs South Korea. A defector from North Korea that has a youtube channel, says that about 60 percent was accurate. 
  • It was filmed in Switzerland but took place in North and South Korea.
  • Supporting cast was so good. 

Show Hole

  • What are we gonna do now???
  • Have to find some more K dramas!!

Lemonade moment of the Week:

  • Went and saw my mom and sister. Also, Dallin and Alex. L.A. traffic is the worst!!! But loved visiting family.


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