#4.4 – Living in Two Households

In this episode, Darren talks to three of his kids about what it is like to have two households as teenagers? What it is like now that they are adults? and What advise they have for other kids that navigate two households?

What’s Hard

  • Logistics and coordination are complexes between two houses.
  • Rules are different. How do you manage that?
  • Food can be very different (Vegan, Paleo, etc..)
  • No Settling
  • Understanding the differences between the houses and parenting styles
  • Losing things, Clothes, towels, school books
  • Transitions – Forgetting things, going back and forth.
  • Responsibility at a young age.
  • Being in the middle of the parents.


  • Two Christmas mornings, Two thanksgivings, two birthdays, double the vacations
  • Bonus Parent – Help you navigate your relationship with your bio parent, expand your possibilities
  • Learn Responsibility

Tips & Tricks

  • Make your step parent an ally
  • Understand your parents are trying their best. They are not perfect.
  • Set boundaries with your parents and step-parents
  • Time is limited, so set expectations. This is true when you are adults coming back to visit.
  • Setting a schedule and communicating it.
  • Get comfortable with awkward
  • Take time for transitions
  • Buy toiletries, clothes, and things for both houses.
  • Get two sets of textbooks from the school if possible.
  • Don’t have a primary house. Create your own space in both houses, or don’t create your own space at all.
  • Find someone to talk to about the situation.

Lemonade Moment of the Week

Paige is out recovering from surgery. Darren gets insight from his kids on what it was like to grow up in two households.


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