#4.12 Success in Marriage!!

Is there a magic secret to a happy marriage? If we are told to do A, B, and C to make our marriage work would we do it? Do we do it? Or is it different for every single couple? Darren and Paige were curious about the tips that couples would give on how to keep a lasting marriage happy. They asked a lot of their friends and family that have been married for decades to see if there was some advice or if it is entirely different for each couple. Maybe a sense of humor isn’t that important to a more severe couple but essential to another.


Lets see what our friends and family had to say about what makes a lasting marriage?

  • Focus on your partner’s strengths and try to ignore their weaknesses.
  • Treat your partner the way that you would like to be treated.
  • She’s almost always right, so just accept it and move on.
  • Keep your promises. Don’t take each other for granted. Remember you chose each other. Try to always remember the qualities you love about them.
  • Be fully committed.
  • Try not to be selfish.
  • Don’t compare your marriage to other peoples.
  • Look at your spouse through rose-colored glasses, not a magnifying glass. We all have flaws, but constantly magnifying your spouse’s flaws will make you lose sight of their best attributes. (This doesn’t mean you should ignore hurtful behaviors)
  • Mandatory walk together each day. Takes just 11 minutes, but recap the day.
  • Praying together at night.
  • Being willing to forgive the little things, and sometimes big things, repeatedly. (as long as your health and safety are not at stake)
  • Weekly date to connect.
  • Do fun things together and find humor in everything you can.
  • Be a good listener and be interested.
  • Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.
  • Learn how to enjoy intimacy, it shouldn’t be a chore, and you can learn to enjoy it together.
  • Care about your spouse’s happiness more than your own.
  • Find what you have in common.
  • Mutual respect.

This might be a fun list to go thru with your spouse and see if there are a few things you want to start doing or talk about.

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  1. John e Neilson Avatar
    John e Neilson

    Great podcast, lots of valuable information and ideas. Thanks for putting this together. Every couple should consider these attributes.

    1. Thanks John. Spread the word we are going on tour, once someone books us to come talk to them. 🙂

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