Ikea Scavenger Hunt

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Take a photo of the following:
– 3 People sitting in a one person chair(5)
– someone holding 15 pillows (5)
– your entire team dressed like they are going to the coldest place on earth (5)
– an adult eating an ice cream cone (10)
– a team member wearing  a tablecloth wrapped on your head like a turbin (5)
– two team members reading books in bed (5)
– re-enact a scene from a disney, pixar, or star wars movie(10)
– someone pretending to shower in a shower display(5)
– someone clearing a strangers tray in the cafeteria  (5)
– someone hiding in a great hiding spot (5)
– someone wearing an Ikea product as a hat, can’t be a hat (5)
-two team members making dinner in a kitchen room display (5)
two team members by the Poang chair sign (5)
two team members sitting in a fort you made (10)
your team performing a puppet show (10)
a team member  wearing an animal skin with another member riding him (5)
-using one of the giant photographs on canvas, play with the angle of the photo to make it appear that one of your team members is in the scene (5)
team members competing in a jeopardy like buzz in game show  ( must have buzzers)(5)
use a chalkboard or white board  to write a joke (5)
– a member talking to an Ikea employee (5)
-a team member with something blue that cost  5.99 (5)
-your entire team pretending to have a business meeting at a conference table (5)
-everyone in your team wrapped up in a rug(10)
–  your team in a room display pretending to be asleep on the couches (5)
– each team member drinking from a different glass (5)
– 2 team members dressed up like superheroes (10)
– your entire team dancing in the cafeteria  (5)
-two members of your team sitting at a kitchen table with trash cans on their heads (5)
-a member meditating  in an unlikely place(5)
-a team member trying on clothes from a display closet(5)
-a team member sitting in a shopping cart

You have 45 minutes to return to the cafeteria.

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