Ode to Ruby

Over the last 11 years, you have endured two large families with so many trips to Utah and Southern
California it is hard to count. You endured dirty little kids jumping over your middle seat to “get in the back”; spilled milkshakes, fries, chicken nuggets, and that one time we had Chinese food on a long road trip.  You have been reliably taking us to WinCo, swim, school, church and work for a countless number of trips. You have been dinged and dented by too many people to mention, but every scrape and dent reminds us of the efforts you made for our family.

But it has not all be work for you or us. You enjoyed several trips camping, skiing, Boy Scout trips, Girls Camp and trips to the Aquatic Center for a day of fun on the lake. Not to mention the number of times you have been to the drive-in theater to “watch movies”.  You have also been known to play your music loud with a car full of kids hanging out of windows driving in the neighborhood. Not only have you been there for happy times but you have been there for sad times as well. You were always the “go to” place when someone needed to be alone, to vent, cry or just yell at the top of their lungs.

The comfort and security that you gave us over the years will always bring great memories for those that you served. You truly will be missed by all.

The Pulsipher Families

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