Podcast 1:12 Compromise – Know when to hold em, fold em and walk away.

Every marriage includes times when you are going to have to compromise. In a blended family, there are even more opportunities to practice your compromising skills. In this episode, we explore different kinds of compromise and how best to work through the hard decisions you have to make.

Blended Family Compromises

  • Small things
    • Whose pots and pans to keep
    • Storage Bins
    • Socks in the sock basket
    • Soda at dinner in a restaurant
  • Where to live
  • Work
  • Schools to go to
  • Church
  • Sports 
  • Bedrooms

Why Compromise (Win-Win, Win-Lose, and Lose-Lose)

  • You have to
  • You can’t both always get exactly what you want, you will have to give and take.
  • Some people are saying don’t compromise because if you compromise then neither person is happy.
  • Some have come up with different names for the same thing. Solution, deal, etc..
  • Examples of compromise
    • Win-Win
    • Win-Lose
    • Lose-Lose 
    • Lose-Lose-Win 

Making Compromises Tips

  • Communicate your needs clearly
  • Listen (without interrupting)
  • Carefully weigh your options
  • Put yourself in your partner’s shoes (get in the trenches)
  • Consider what is fair
  • Make a decision and stick with it (no regrets and no rubbing it in)
  • Check-in with one another

Funny Moment of the Week

      David leaving lots of things in the hotel rooms on our heritage trip. Then Darren leaving his Suit jacket in the hotel. Don’t be too hard on your kids when they make mistakes, especially mistakes we might make ourselves. Let them help take care of the problem themselves.


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