Podcast 1:15 – From Bad to Worse. Still Found a Couple Lemon Squares

This was a rough week for Paige & Darren, as Paige’s mom is checked into the ER and while there her dad suddenly passes away. Darren was 3000 miles away on a work trip and Darren learned how to rely on friends to help out in the hopeless situation. A thousand-mile roundtrip, a broken down car and an emotionally and physically exhausting week led to many lessons learned.

Start of the Week

  • Paige gets a call from her sister that her mom is in the hospital
  • 2 hours later, news that her dad had a heart attack
  • 30 minutes later, news that her dad had passed away
  • Darren was in Washington DC on a Business trip with no way to get home until the next day
  • Paige is surrounded by her friends for comfort
  • Darren arrives the next day and hops into a car for a 7-hour drive to Southern California
  • The three amigos are pulled out of the last two days of finals from middle school
  • The school has been understanding after some heated emails to some teachers

The Passing of a Great Man

  • Paige’s mom went into the hospital because of dizziness 
  • While she was in the ER her husband passed away from a heart attack
  • Paige’s Dad had been suffering from a chronic heart problem and was given 6 months to live 3 years ago
  • While Paige’s Mom was at the ER, their best friends “Dick and Claudia” came over to “watch” her husband
  • We got to talk to “Dick and Claudia” about Johnnie’s last moments. They were talking about baseball (one of his favorite things) and in mid-sentence he said “Oh no” and he passed away. 
  • He went peacefully the way he wanted
  • Johnnie was one of the kindest, gentle and God fearing men I have ever known 
  • Paige always said that he could talk to a brick wall and make it feel wanted and loved
  • One of the tender mercies of the week is when they brought Johnnie into the ER where his wife was
  • They wheeled him right next to her so she could say good-bye and hold his hand
  • The hospital staff was so amenable and loving toward Paige’s Mom it was amazing
  • Paige’s mom had a battery of tests and at first, they were concerned that she had a heart attack herself but found out that she was fine. The vertigo was easily controlled with medicine and she was released 2 days later
  • After spending a very emotional few days with family and friends filled with sorrow, memories, and laughs we were all ready to head home

The Drive home

  • We left on Memorial Day to head home so we could get back to normal life
  • About 2 hours into the trip our car started acting strange and after stopping and getting gas the car had a hard time starting
  • We called the dealer where we got the car and they suggested we stop at the closest dealership we could find
  • None of the dealer service centers were open on Memorial Day. so we were stuck, about 5 hours from home
  • We left the car in Santa Clarita and tried to find a rental car place open to rent a car to get home
  • Nothing was open in Santa Clarita so Darren took an uber 30 miles in the wrong direction to Burbank Airport where they could rent a car

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