Podcast 1:16 – Step Mother’s Day

In this episode we discuss how hard it is to be a step-mom on Mother’s Day, heck even Biological Mom’s have a hard time with Mother’s Day. Find out how we deal with this great day to remember the Moms in our lives.

Feeling Let down on Mother’s Day Happens to Both Mom’s and Step Mom’s

  • Look at the roots of Mother’s Day
    • Started by Anna Jarvis in 1908 by having a special Sunday Service in remembrance to her Mother
    • Officially in 1914 by President Wilson
    • It was a time to go back to your home and go to church with your Mother
    • White carnations were worn as a badge of respect for mother’s that had passed, red and pink for living mothers
    • It has become one of the biggest holidays for consumer spending. Families also celebrate by giving mothers a day off from activities like cooking or other household chores.
    • Anna Jarvis later started fighting the commercialization of Mother’s Day
  • Watch every Mother’s Day episode of “The Middle”
  • Generally mothers and step-mothers both feel let down from Mother’s Day
  • Step-mom’s get the raw end of the deal
    • This must be really hard for women that have no kids of their own and only step-kids

Dealing with Hard Feelings and Jealousy

  • This can be very difficult as you might have feelings of being forgotten or left out
  • Remember the simple things that your spouse and kids do for you on all of the other days
  • Women have to take some responsibility for the situation. Help your kids and your spouse help you.
  • If we want our expectations to be managed somewhat then we have to take some control
  • Respect that the kids are going to be loyal to their bio parent
    • Would you like your kids to share the day with their step-mom?
  • Reach out to your own mom. Try and focus on your mom instead of yourself.

Kids Need Guidance and Help

  • Kids are loyal to their bio parents, as well as they should be
    • But it can still be hurtful to you
  • Your husband needs to step it up, but he will need reminders
  • We have tried to have Step-Mother’s Day the week before Mother’s Day, with all of the kids. This gives Darren’s kids the opportunity to do something nice for Paige since they are always at their mom’s for Mother’s Day, as it should be.
  • Men and women think differently. Women tend to overthink things. Men typically never do. It is rare to hear a man complaining about his stepchildren not calling him on Father’s Day.
  • If your ex-spouse isn’t re-married you should help your kids for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthdays. 
  • You are teaching your kids to be thoughtful
    • They are seeing you as a kind person
    • Get over your pride and help them celebrate their parent

Funny Moment of the Week

On the way to the memorial service for Paige’s dad, Darren forgot all the ties and hankies that the boiys were supposed to be wearing. Had to turn around and get them. Got stuck in the express lane and then almost ran out of gas. Not funny haha, funny ugh.


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