Podcast 1:19 – Flexibility in Travelling Together

In this episode learn how a trip to the Oregon Coast quickly turned into a business trip to Washington DC for Darren. Paige decided to join him so they could have some quality time alone together. Travel log and some nice back and forth about a missed romantic trip.

Business Trips

  • Plan time to be together.
  • We with no kids turned into a week together.
  • We had planned to spend 5 days in Oregon but Darren had a Business trip pop up and had to go to Washington DC.
  • He took the opportunity to bring Paige along and spend a couple of days seeing some sites in Virginia.
  • Although it was not ideal, It was time to spend together that was valuable.

Monticello and UVA

  • Nice trip to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.
  • History about the house was interesting.
  • Sally Hemmings history and the discussion that ensued.
  • University of Virginia History and legacy that Jefferson left behind.
  • College Town feel and cute downtown with little boutiques.

Thursday being Flexible

  • Plans for Thursday were to go to downtown Washington DC where Darren had meetings and Paige was going to go to the Newseum.
  • Darren saw a change to the location of his meeting and ended up going to the wrong place Reston instead of Arlington. 
  • This wiped out Paiges plan to see the Newseum and Darren had to attend his meeting by phone.
  • Paige changed her plans and went shopping at the local stores and boutiques, which she was planning on doing on Friday while Darren was in meetings all day long.
  • Lunch with Co-workers and the benefit of meeting the people Darren is working with.

Movie Review of Yesterday

  • Downpour rainstorm right before we headed to the movie.
  • Thursday evening we went and saw the Movie Yesterday.

Coming Home from the Trip

  • The 4-hour flight turned into a 2-hour wait on the tarmac and 4 1/2 hour flight.
  • Luckily we had 3 seats for the two of us.

Funny Moment of the Week

  • On our trip home we had 3 seats to ourselves but halfway through the flight, they asked us to share because someone was stuck between two very large people.


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