Podcast: 1:22 – Preparing for the worst day of Your life. Navigate Kids Through the Separation

One of the worst days in our lives was telling our kids we were getting divorced. Turns out it is also the worst day in the lives of our kids too. In this episode, we discuss how we navigated the tricky conversation that we had with our kids. Our approaches were very different but we found some common things that seemed to work, and some things that did not work so well.

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    How to tell your kids your getting divorced

    • Paige – 
      • Got no advice on how to talk to the kids.
      • Spur of the moment. Decided that morning.
      • Not all the kids were there. Just Jake and Rachel. Then she called Amanda.
      • Sat down together and told the kids together.
      • They told the kids the reason for the divorce. 
      • Separation for over a year.
      • What would you have changed?
    • Darren –
      • Got advice from a marriage counselor on how to talk to the kids about the divorce.
      • Planned how we were going to tell the kids for 4 months.
      • In the meantime I purchased a house down the street from the house we were renting at the time.
      • Told all of the kids at the same time.
      • Did not tell the kids why we were getting divorced.
      • Were legally separated for almost 5 months before telling the kids.
      • All the kids were talking to counselors before the divorce. They all had someone to talk to.
    • Tips
      • BE CALM and not in a high emotional state. You need to make sure you are calm cool and collected.
      • Plan out what you are going to say.
      • Give the kids the opportunity to ask questions and time to.

    What to do after you tell the kids

    • Show the kids that something has changed. Where are people staying?
    • Getting help for your kids. Someone to talk to.
    • Try and set up a routine.
    • Try and do fun things with them.
      • Don’t get a dog! Everyone does. 
    • Being there for them.


    • It’s about the children not about you. Don’t inject your anxiety into the situation.
    • What is the plan for the day after you tell the kids?
    • Are you still living in the same house?
    • What logistics are there? Who pays for what? 
    • What do the kids think we could have done differently.
    • Should you tell the kids why you got divorced?

    Lemonade Moment of the Week

    Darren & Paige take the kids to Hidden falls where they climb the falls and traverse through the river picking and eating blackberries. See the evidence of Darren climbing the falls last year.



    hello this is Darren and this is Paige
    and this is where’s the lemonade where
    we talked about what happens when life
    throws you lemons make some lemonade
    maybe some weeks it’s lemons worse
    yeah some weeks it’s just lemons on
    today’s episode we’re going to talk
    about how to tell your kids about your
    divorce or separation worst day ever if
    the opening sounds a little gloom
    because this is a pretty tough subject
    it is doom and gloom
    it is 2min gloom and we had no idea how
    much it would be until we started
    working on this episode yeah I mean even
    when you and I were discussing it cuz we
    thought oh this is gonna be a really
    good episode which I did I think it is
    gonna be a good episode but even you and
    I we had to kind of go to our own
    corners because it was getting we
    weren’t getting angry with each other
    it was just bringing back bad memories
    yeah yeah it wasn’t we were we were
    getting kind of irritable and not really
    towards each other but just yeah it
    brings up a lot of sadness it does and
    at first we were gonna call this episode
    divorce dog how to navigate your kids
    through the separation but we didn’t get
    past talking and preparing for just
    talking to them about the separation
    yeah so we decided that divorce dog is
    gonna be a different episode exactly you
    know we did some research online and we
    also talked to our older kids oh that
    was hard too it was very interesting it
    was because everybody has a different
    perspective of that day and of what
    happened and of what was said depending
    on their age their maturity their you
    know what I mean like everyone had you
    know took something different away I
    mean we all took away the same thing our
    families have now been divided yeah so I
    guess our first advice to everyone is
    don’t get divorced don’t do it
    if there’s any possible way to save it
    save it any any shred of any inkling
    that you can stay together stay so
    that’s our first advice that’s our first
    vise our second advice is there’s no
    perfect way to do this the way that you
    did it is almost a complete opposite of
    the way that that I handle it they’re so
    different it’s amazing and you guys are
    here the contrast between the two but
    the end result with our children when we
    talked to them was pretty much the same
    they remember the day very well which
    they always will as we do too and makes
    them very sad it does so let’s first
    talk about your your day that you told
    your kids about the separation
    mine was spur the moment not it wasn’t
    just oh wow
    my marriage is falling apart today and
    you know it wasn’t that they’ve been
    building for years I’ve been building
    for years
    and something happened that day that
    kind of was the tip right that knocked
    everything over the Jenga tower came
    crumbling down
    and I went I have to protect my family
    and my kids and I’ve got to do what I
    got to do so yes I I went to my husband
    at the time and said you need to go and
    he did not want to he begged and pleaded
    and wanted to stay and I said nope you
    know we need you to go so you can work
    on yourself and then hopefully we can
    you know resume being a family and that
    was my hope that was my hope so yeah we
    so it was for the moment we told the
    kids that night I think actually that
    afternoon it was a it was kind of spur
    than what was not planned in advance it
    was for the moment but it was it had
    been a long time coming
    yes very long time coming and it wasn’t
    divorce that you guys were just doing a
    pause separation yes nothing formal just
    nope it was your dad’s moving out
    – you know work on himself and hopefully
    you know he’ll work on himself and be
    able to come back that’s kind of how we
    laid it out no mine was very different
    than that right right when my ex-wife
    and I sat down and talked to our kids
    divorce papers that are even filed and
    in the state of California it takes six
    months after you file a divorce for it
    to be finalized so we were already four
    months into this our kids had no idea
    because we were still living in the same
    leapin in the same bed they had no clue
    and when we talked to them it was final
    it was the divorce will be final in six
    weeks right so a very different right
    there was still hope on my end where
    your and it was this is done slam the
    door right yeah so yeah really really
    difficult so let’s talk about you said
    that it was kind of spur of the moment
    but it wasn’t really spur the moment cuz
    you and your ex talked about how are we
    gonna tell the kids yes we did that day
    we talked about how we’re gonna tell the
    kids yes we had not talked about it
    before then but yes that day when I said
    you got to go we did and so you sat down
    and talked to him about it and what you
    would say how did that how’d that go it
    was me talking and like I said he didn’t
    want to go so it was he was upset and
    but I was just pretty adamant and you
    said that your kids you know we’re
    blindsided my kids are blindsided as
    well they had no idea no idea this was
    coming we kept it from them all these
    years of you know turmoil that we’ve
    been going through it had been kept from
    them so you know I wanted yeah both of
    all of our kids when we talked to him
    today said that that they were all
    blindsided yes and I don’t know that
    there’s any other way to do it and my
    kids even said that when I talked to my
    two kids
    you know Rachel even said I’m glad that
    I had a really happy good childhood
    until that day so if I would have let
    them in on our marriage problems 10
    years earlier you know I don’t know that
    that would have been the right thing to
    do I don’t know so you know you brought
    up something interesting which i think
    is a tip that will bring up again later
    and that’s don’t involve your kids and
    your marital strife right
    yeah keep that keep it separate keep it
    separate right is a good tip for us I
    knew this was coming for four months
    because my ex filed for the divorce and
    so we actually did a lot of preparing
    talked to our marriage counselor that we
    had how are we going to talk to the kids
    you know planned it all out so for me
    because I’m a planner anyway I had a
    plan everything was planned out I got as
    much advice as I could on how do we talk
    to the kids about this we even role
    played which ended up with me mostly
    talking yeah so I think that was similar
    for both of our situations you did the
    talking you did this and I did the
    talking and yeah so so very different
    the outcomes it turns out were were
    different as well well now they’re
    pretty much the same but mine was more
    totality and yours was we’re gonna work
    on this right which my kids said was
    confusing right because they didn’t know
    our mom and dad gonna get back together
    or they not are they you know it was
    confusing and we still had you know dad
    came over for Thanksgiving and Christmas
    and you know during this separation he
    when I started working he would come
    over and watch Sam while I was at work
    and so he was at the house a lot they he
    didn’t have a place he was just staying
    out of friends or whatever so he didn’t
    have a place for the kids to come so he
    always came to our house and from for me
    it was just the opposite I had bought a
    house close to where we were renting
    before down the street down the street
    seven houses seven houses down that’s
    mostly so the kids could see and to to
    me I planned everything out so
    everything was set up so when this
    horrible day happened I was trying to
    show the kids that there’s some
    dad’s right down the street he has a
    house right the kids have a place to
    stay right and mom’s still renting the
    kids have a place to stay right close by
    right so that’s that’s one of the other
    differences are mine was totality and
    also everything logistically was all
    taken care of right emotionally that’s a
    whole nother story right so yeah and
    with me i sat down with Jake and Rachel
    they were you know why didn’t you have
    all the kids so amanda was at college
    and sam was four and I thought that that
    was too young to bring him into what we
    were gonna talk to the other kids about
    so we put him I think he was taking a
    nap and we talked to Rachel and Jake
    which I think they were 16 and 13
    something like that or maybe even older
    14 and 17 and sevens yeah something like
    14 17 I think that’s right so yeah so we
    talked to them the two of them and then
    called Amanda later that evening but
    they when I talk to them today I asked
    them what we could have done differently
    and you know when we asked our kids this
    question we genuinely are looking for
    honesty because we want to be able to be
    helpful in this podcast and because we
    can’t go back and change anything
    you know no we can’t but maybe we can
    help other couples that are going
    through this really tough time right so
    Rachel said it maybe it would have been
    better for I did all the talking and my
    ex did not and they said it might have
    been better hurry and Jake said that it
    might have been better if
    my ex would have done some talking yeah
    so it was more unified right it was this
    they came out of this conversation that
    we had mom is kicking dad out of the
    house and so they were angry with me
    and that was true I was asking him to
    leave but they didn’t understand the
    entirety of the situation and what was
    going on no you guys also talked a
    little bit about what was going on about
    why we were gonna die why well you were
    separated separate yes yes we did not
    say divorce that day no um
    where with with me and my kids it was
    your mom and I are getting in divorce
    and we’re not telling you why right
    right you had talked about that with
    your your therapist your counselor and
    your ex and you guys had decided not to
    tell them that day right yeah that’s
    no for for me it was a little bit
    different we had Matthew off at college
    and then we had the five younger kids at
    home the youngest being David who was
    about four when it happened three he was
    through a year yeah yeah oh no I guess
    Tamar for yeah he was Jeb for me right
    and I actually flew Matthew out from
    college to come to be with the family my
    whole idea was it that the whole family
    should be together for this horrible
    moment yeah so mine was a little bit
    different because it was the end of the
    family right we knew it yes
    yours was we’re on a pause to try and
    save the family right exactly that mine
    had already reached that at that point
    right so a little bit different and the
    kid said the same thing they wished that
    it was more of a unified front with my
    ex and myself I did most of the talking
    right so that you know and the situation
    as it is you can’t really change it but
    that’s another good tip and that is that
    you and your soon-to-be ex need to be
    unified and talking to the kids together
    when this happens yeah that is what Jake
    said he said one of the things I think
    you did right was
    you and Dad together sat down with us
    even though he didn’t do much of the
    talking he said I think that that’s
    important for both parents to be there
    no matter what the situation might be if
    you can try and come together for that
    moment to tell your kids this news I
    think that’s for the best
    no is there anything that you guys did
    to prepare the kids at all before this
    happened no I guess not because it was
    spur-of-the-moment but it really wasn’t
    spur the moment though was it you kind
    of knew things were well things have
    been falling apart for 10 years
    literally but I I’d never really thought
    I was gonna have to get to the point or
    we were gonna have to separate you know
    I know I didn’t want that to happen so I
    never really thought that all the way
    through until that day literally Wow
    yeah and then it was like nope I I’ve
    got a I got to protect my family yeah so
    for me it was protecting my family as
    well but the the marriage was already
    over right the paperwork had already
    been filed so I actually had four well
    six months to prepare for what was what
    we had to tell the kids right so I went
    into preparing mode right I got my kids
    to see counselors or to have someone to
    talk to even before we had the divorce
    but or before we told the kids about the
    divorce I had them meeting with a
    counselor to just talk about the changes
    that because we just moved to Folsom so
    I made up some lame excuse so that at
    least they had someone to talk to about
    I bought a house I you know flew Matthew
    it was very different and Jacob my son
    Jacob actually said something about that
    do you remember about being so prepared
    oh no oh it was I hope I get this right
    Jacob after we talked to the kids that
    you know hey your mom and I are getting
    a divorce we’re no longer living
    and I bought a house down the street oh
    gosh and here’s the new schedule and
    here are the logistics and everything
    was laid out everything was laid out and
    I told them all right then and there and
    they said that was a little bit
    overwhelming for them right and here you
    thought that you were doing the right
    thing by saying don’t worry kids
    everything is taken care of everything’s
    gonna be taken care of everything’s safe
    right right there’s it’s all planned out
    it’s all good but it was just so much
    for them to process it was and he said
    it was a little much he said it would
    have been better if that came a couple
    days or a week later right where they
    would have seen that I can see that I
    can see that but it is important also to
    have logistics all figured out before
    you make this announcement true because
    if you don’t and then the kids see no
    change then they don’t understand they
    become very confused right so one of the
    things that Rachael said that we did
    right was she liked how after we were
    done talking to them I said if you guys
    want to go have some alone time we had a
    basement and her and Jake went
    downstairs actually I think Jake went
    outside on the property and took off and
    Rachel went downstairs she said she took
    a shower and cried and then went to her
    room and she had time to process so we
    didn’t you know make that wrong are you
    okay right which she does she said I did
    ask do you have any questions about 25
    times but I let them have their space
    and then she said several hours later I
    came down and said do you have any
    questions and so she and Jake said the
    same thing that he felt like that time
    that we gave them to go be alone with
    their thoughts was was good well and we
    did the same thing my ex and I actually
    left the kids all six of them alone and
    we we left so that they had time to
    process and talk together as siblings
    right and they they said that was an
    important time that they had to process
    things and every single one of my kids
    took it completely different yeah
    I mean Dallin he said he can’t remember
    anything except the words you your mom
    and I are getting a divorce
    and he goes after that I plugged my ears
    and I didn’t want to hear anything else
    out of your mouth you know so and it’s
    hard for your kids this will destroy
    their lives I’m not gonna sugarcoat it
    my kids remember the day and the hour
    that it happened what a horrible thing
    to do to your children no and I’m sorry
    to put it that bluntly and bold but your
    kids may have a really hard time
    forgiving you for some time yeah
    now you say it destroyed their lives and
    it did and that’s when we have to work
    on helping them put it back together
    exactly because we made this mess for
    them and we have to help them put it
    back together all right and that’s the
    next tip when you tell the kids you need
    to keep all your emotions out of it this
    is not about you it’s about your kids
    all right you they’re gonna be in an
    emotional rollercoaster and you can’t be
    you’ve got to be calm
    you cannot inject any of your high
    emotional state that you’re going to be
    in anyway you’ve got to plan ahead
    you’ve got to figure this out so that
    you can be calm and collected and help
    them get through this horrible thing
    that you are imposing on them yes I
    totally agree
    I tell you right this is a really heavy
    podcast there’s not much laughter in
    this one ah babe no not a lot of
    laughter and you know what I want to say
    to our listeners if you know of someone
    that’s gonna go through this a horrible
    thing I hope you will have them listen
    to this podcast and maybe if we can just
    help one family try and navigate through
    this horrible thing that they are gonna
    do then it will be worth it right that
    we’re sitting here read
    Levine the worst day of our lives
    hopefully you’ll be worth alright so now
    let’s talk about after we got some
    Kleenex giggly episode no it’s not let’s
    talk about what you do after you tell
    the kids we did hint it on some of those
    things with our own experiences so let’s
    talk about what what to expect after you
    tell the kids first thing we said was
    give them some time to process
    absolutely give them some time to think
    to process maybe call their friends you
    know what I mean like each kid is gonna
    maybe handle it differently talk to each
    other make a dartboard with your face on
    it go that far but here I mean you give
    them space to do what they need to do
    they do but your kids still need to show
    you some kind of respect so it’s a fine
    line you your kids do you need a voice
    they’re gonna be angry with you they’re
    gonna be very upset they need to be
    heard right um but also make sure that
    they’re not completely disrespectful for
    you you are not if you take that you can
    easily say let’s say that my kids were
    saying something bad about their mom
    after that moment or bad about me either
    spouse should step up and say wait just
    a second I know you’re upset but this is
    a joint thing we’re doing this together
    that way you’re showing you unity and
    you’re not throwing your ex under the
    bus which is hard oh yeah because it’s
    not always gorgeous etic No well it’s
    not it’s not always a unified thing
    because I mean I didn’t want to get
    divorced you didn’t want to get divorced
    so it’s really really hard when you feel
    like I didn’t want this but when your
    talent we’re telling you when you’re
    telling your kids it’s good for you both
    to in that moment be calm and talk to
    together hey absolutely the next thing
    you have to do is make sure that the
    kids see a difference so if let’s say
    that you did talk to the kids about
    separation and then the next day mom and
    dad are at breakfast that’s a little
    confusing to the kids right I agree so
    they don’t they won’t understand
    especially your younger kids they won’t
    understand what separation then means
    right so there has to be a plan on what
    you’re doing day two right right after
    things happen now something you did
    after you told that your kids which
    Jacob said I don’t know if that was
    right actually down said that to you
    brought them down the street to see the
    new house that they were gonna go in
    each one of their new rooms right and
    you and your ex thought that you were
    doing the right thing by saying oh and
    here’s dad because you said even your ex
    came with yeah yeah so it was like
    here’s dad’s new house this is where
    you’re gonna be you thought this was
    once again a stability thing like don’t
    worry everything’s your rooms all set
    everything’s ready to go but they said
    that that was a little overwhelming is
    it too much it ya know you do have to
    show them so instead of being that
    overwhelming what I probably could have
    changed was we would have talked about
    logistics for example you guys will be
    at your mom’s until Wednesday and then
    you’ll come over to your your dad’s
    which is right down the street and on
    Wednesday you’ll get to see right your
    dad’s house right at that time yeah or
    something like that so yeah it was a
    little overwhelming me trying to fix
    everything all the time right and that’s
    why we said well we can’t go back and
    change any of these things and luckily
    we have very forgiving children we do we
    are so blessed because our kids have it
    has been eight years it’s been eight
    years but they have done a good job yep
    they’re forgiving us yep they have and
    loving us regardless whether we’re
    crybabies or not yes the next thing to
    do is to set up a routine
    as soon as possible so that the kids
    have a normalcy that they can see even
    though their lives destroyed they still
    need some structure something that they
    can rely on that is solid and this is
    probably one of the hardest things don’t
    be doing me and gloomy all the time you
    got to find some fun
    that’s really hard and that’s even hard
    for me and I’m the fun master I want to
    go have fun but it’s hard when you feel
    like you’re I mean your world has
    imploded you feel like curling up in a
    ball and laying in bed you do and you’ve
    got these kids to take care of and uh
    it’s it’s such a hard rough time and
    that’s the time that your kids are gonna
    need you the most is is that first part
    after the separation right your worlds
    been rocked you cannot go into your own
    little shell and be selfish right this
    is the time when you need to step up and
    show them the best that you can
    stability calmness and routine and yes
    go do some fun things with them remember
    that you can still go have fun we can
    let loose and you know go get an ice
    cream go for a swim be together and do
    some fun things um
    the other advice we give is don’t get a
    dog we’ll talk about that next episode
    the divorced dog episode the one thing
    my mom gave me some great advice and I
    think you recognize it when we actually
    got married it was have dinner together
    sit down with your kids Oh with your
    kids and have dinner together on real
    plates not paper plates there’s a
    temptation especially if if you only
    have the kids for like two or three
    hours on a Wednesday night which was the
    case when I first got separated or
    divorced I only have the kids on
    Wednesday night the temptation was all
    right it’s chicken nuggets on paper
    plates again tonight
    my mom instilled in me that make sure
    you set the table make sure that the
    kids show that stability that continuity
    that this is home this is home not just
    temporaries right this is oh and I I I’m
    happy she told you that at the same time
    Joanne I remember when I married you and
    I mean I I like to do plates you know
    most the time I’m real plates most the
    time but occasionally I’m like you know
    what hey let’s just do paper plates and
    remember in the beginning of our
    marriage you were like no and I was like
    what is his deal with paper plates that
    was the reason why yes I want to make
    sure the kids don’t like this was a
    permanent spot you know what that was no
    big deal we rarely in fact the only time
    we do paper plates now is if the
    dishwasher is full and we didn’t run it
    all right so let’s hit some quick tips
    on how to go through this whole thing
    first off our first tip is don’t get
    divorced in the first place do
    everything you can get a good marriage
    counselor do everything you can to not
    get divorced yep first tip don’t get
    yeah that second you do yep it’s
    remember it’s about the children not you
    when you sit down to talk with them it’s
    not about you keep your feelings and
    emotions to yourself and don’t inject
    anxiety into the situation be calm talk
    to the kids and if you have to roleplay
    this ahead of time
    roleplay it plan it out do your best to
    keep the emotions out of it yep another
    tip is what is your plan for the next
    day you’ve got to have that what’s going
    to happen the very next day and you need
    to tell the kids what’s gonna happen the
    very next day you don’t have to dump on
    them what’s gonna happen the next month
    or the next year like I did Yeah right
    but you can say you know what tomorrow
    this is what’s gonna happen or even say
    like I think you know on Wednesday
    you’re gonna come down to my house so
    whoa right try and give them a little a
    little bit of an idea of what because
    they’re gonna be confused on what’s the
    future look like
    right so they want to know immediate
    future what’s gonna happen tomorrow
    right right so yep what’s the next one
    babe oh it’s a question are you still
    living in the same house
    we just read an article where this
    couple separated and divorced and living
    in the same house together then why did
    they bother to get divorced very
    confusing to the kids in a lot of
    respects there may be some time where
    you are living in the same house because
    maybe you can’t afford a separate house
    yes but you’ve got to make it clear to
    the kids what’s going on it could be
    very confusing for them so try and be
    clear about the situation not be I mean
    I remember talking to Rachel today and I
    said was it confusing when your dad came
    back and had Thanksgiving with us and
    she said yes but the whole thing is
    confusing I mean they’re there their
    heads are just spinning so try and
    decrease as much yeah confusion as you
    can yes by being clear that doesn’t mean
    spilling in and confessing to everything
    that’s gone on in your marriage to your
    kids no that’s not appropriate no adult
    conversations are for adults not for
    children right right so keep that in
    mind as well also make sure that you’ve
    planned out the logistics on what’s
    going on who’s paying for what if you
    don’t have a formal agreement which you
    guys didn’t we did because the paperwork
    had already been filed right right well
    yeah my ex and I we just had a verbal
    agreement when he left of what he would
    still pay for him it was just a verbal
    thing at the time it was just verbal and
    don’t get caught up on trying to be
    perfect on this that’d be another tip
    that we have because there’s no perfect
    way to tell your kids that their family
    is destroyed right and that is what when
    I asked Jake today what we could do
    differently to help someone else and he
    said there’s no magical way to do this
    he said it’s just gonna suck that’s what
    he said and it is it is and as much as I
    hate that word fact my kids are gonna be
    so surprised that I just said that that
    only because it was a quote from Jake
    Jake made me say it
    sure blame Jake that’s right okay so
    another tip is should you tell the kids
    why you got divorced yeah so this is
    where you and I differ yep because I did
    we told them why we were separating um
    and I didn’t and it was kind of an
    agreement that my ex and I had that we
    worked through because we probably spent
    three or four sessions with
    marriage counselor I’m talking about how
    are we gonna talk to the kids about the
    divorce right and are we gonna tell them
    and we kept going back and forth the
    most important thing is that we both
    agreed in the end not to tell them
    specifics just to say that you know the
    divorce is happening right no the kids
    actually asked why and we said we’re not
    gonna tell you at this time right so so
    we’re in my situation we did tell them
    in fact rachel says that I may have used
    the wrong word een I started off by
    saying that their dad was sick and so
    she immediately thought with cancer or
    something so be careful of your wording
    I didn’t you know he wasn’t ill that way
    he had a problem he had an addiction so
    you know you have to be careful of your
    wording yeah I dare them and I would
    also say your when you talk to your kids
    it’s not a half hour conversation you
    don’t need to over talk to them right or
    try and convince them that this is the
    best thing right yet you’ll never
    convince them in the moment so just get
    the facts out and then let them kind of
    out their time just to sit with it and
    then come back later and say do you have
    any questions yes I think that’s the
    best way to go I love you I love you too
    and I love I love our kids I love our
    kids too I don’t know how much I love
    our listeners for giving us the
    suggestion to do this with episode this
    was definitely the hardest one so far
    yeah absolutely yeah
    our lemonade moment of the week has to
    do with Paige turning 50 why did you say
    that because you said we had to talk
    about how old we’re getting and we have
    to stay active gosh I didn’t mean for
    you to tell everybody that I was 50 well
    not yet yes next week just announce that
    any how we went on a hike to Hidden
    Falls which if you live in the Calif in
    the Sacramento area Sacramento area you
    need to check out this hike it is fun we
    do it every year yep we climb the falls
    wait hold on I take the picture I did it
    last year no no yes you have never
    claimed those Falls yes I’m out one time
    yes I have you did not yes I know you
    have not you’ve always been the one up
    up in the wall overlook taking pictures
    last year I climb the falls with you
    dude see he’s getting so old he has now
    rewriting history I wanted you guys can
    see the pictures from last year where I
    climb the Falls but what I wanted to say
    was how important it is that you do fun
    active things with your kids get out
    there and go do something fun active I
    mean we were getting scratched up
    because if there’s blackberry bushes
    everywhere we’re scratched we’re you
    know eating the berries as we go along
    but the kids were having so much fun and
    there’s all these different little pools
    they have they call them there’s an Adam
    and Eve pool over here and don’t sign
    yeah we climbed up the waterfall and
    anyway that’s our lemonade do something
    fun go do something fun and active
    wait stop the bumper music Paige has
    something to say he climbed the falls
    last year one time you climbed the Falls
    one time he did he climbed the Falls one
    time check out our evidence on where’s
    the lemonade calm brand new website I’m
    sorry sweetie you did claim the Falls
    good job thank you if you liked today’s
    give us five stars on iTunes Spotify
    Google and head to Facebook and like us
    and check out our blog at where’s the
    lemonade org where you can leave
    questions and comments yeah but most of
    all go out and make some lemonade you
    bet you baby
    next week’s episode is on divorce dog
    again at Disneyland and skydiving yup
    that’s it

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