Podcast 2:2 – Getting Organized in the New Year

The Christmas clutter leads us to start an early spring cleaning and organizing. In this episode, we uncover our deepest darkest secret. We are “Organizational Posers.” We hide our inability to stay organized by putting all of the stuff in a couple places in the house (Office and Garage). We learned some tips on how to survive the dreaded post-Christmas de-clutter.

Faking organization during Christmas

  • We are organization posers. We look organized in most of our lived-in spaces but have many hidden clutter spots.
  • Our office and garage are those places.
  • During Christmas, find a place for “things” so no one can see it. 
  • You need a place to hide Christmas presents. 

Declutter after Christmas

  • Downsize your Christmas Decor
    • Poinsettia purchases every year, and they barely last the Christmas season. We resist the temptation to get fake ones because we have no place to store them.
    • Get rid of any broken or duplicate decorations.
    • Ditch any light strings that no longer work.
    • Set aside any decorations that have become too difficult for you to put up. (Old Age)
    • Do the same for anything that no longer suits your taste.
    • Likewise, for those decorations, you never really liked but have hung onto anyway.
    • Don’t have room on your tree for all the ornaments in a set? Keep only as many as you actually use.
    • Get rid of anything else you haven’t used for the past two or three Christmases. 
  • Store Decoration in Order of Use (Organized Garage)
  • Give Your Gifts a Home/Regift
  • Get rid of Unwanted Gifts.

Spring Cleaning 

  • After Christmas, start your spring cleaning. It is a good time when you are putting decorations away.
  • Our office and pantry got a good de-clutter due to Paige having a slight nervous breakdown.


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