Podcast 2:3 – Dating Your Spouse

After years of marriage, our date night consisted of finding a rom-com and falling asleep on the couch. We freshened things up with new date ideas including trying to find something open after 9pm in Folsom. We ended up going to a grocery store and making more healthy brownies. Check out our episode about how to spark excitement in your marriage.

Getting back to dating after a divorce

  • When you first start dating after a divorce you don’t bring your dates around the kids. So you have to find places to meet.
  • Closed restaurants
  • Bowling
  • Grocery runs at 10pm 
  • Movies
  • Miniature Golf

Falling into a routine (rut)

  • In a blended family, you only have your kids every other weekend so it is hard to go out and leave them.
  • The kids like it when we go out. They love having the house to themselves (Scary)
  • In a blended family, it is extremely important to have alone time, because you never had a honeymoon with no kids, exes, etc..
  • Life gets busy,
  • We are tired.
  • It is hard to come up with things to do.
  • The town closes down at 9pm. 
  • What would we do, movie, restaurant or stay at home order Thai food and fall asleep to a rom-com. (Boring)

Resparking the romance

  • Three rules of dating your spouse
    • No business talk
    • No money talk 
    • No housework talk
    • No talking about kids
    • No talking about responsibilities.
    • Have fun. Take a break
  • Find excuses to do something together, besides watching a movie at home.
  • Surprise lunch together
  • Take time to be intimate with each other. Schedule it if needed.
  • Ideas for Dating your Spouse
    • Try shopping at a new grocery store together for a new recipe. 
    • Miniature golf, Top Golf,
    • Look at the old things that you used to do.
    • Bowling
    • People watch, make things up about peoples lives
    • Hiking, 
    • Dance class (Line dancing)
    • Shopping 
    • Cook together
    • Work together
    • Escape room
    • Painting class together (Bob Ross Painting party)
    • Plan a trip together (Even if you are not going to take it for a while)
    • Create a theme night for a dream trip destination.
    • Play old video game console (Flicky)
  • Make sure you do quality time together as well as “work time”


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