Podcast 2:7 – How to destroy your marriage

In this episode, we talk about the key things that you can do to destroy your marriage. We researched some articles and found some interesting things that we need to work on to have a stronger relationship. Check out these great ideas.

Become Stagnant

  • Forgetting to keep the romance alive
  • Don’t forget your spouse should be your friend too.
  • Not finding ways to stay connected.
  • Become boring

Be In Love with your phone and TV

Put others before your spouse

  • Work, Money
  • Friend, social life
  • Kids

Ignore Problems (Communication)

  • Never arguing
  • Never listening to what your partner has to say
  • Don’t go to bed angry or Do
  • Give your Spoused the Silent Treatment
  • Threaten Divorce

Stop Having Sex

  • Intimacy is important as it brings you and your spouse together physically and emotionally.

Not parenting as one unit

Not willing to change or grow

Spend more money than what you Have

Keep Secrets

You Never Help around the House


Keeping Score

  • Being overly Jealous or Untrusting


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