Podcast 2:8 – Money, Kids and Blending Families

Money and kids can be hard in any family. When you throw two families together with different histories and expectations Money can be a tough issue to navigate. In this episode, Darren and Paige reveal some of the hard money issues they faced when they first got married and even pop up today. Everything is up for debate when it comes to money: College, Cars, Cell phones, Soda at restaurants who pays for what and when.

Bringing money together

  • Bringing traditions together
  • By sodas at dinner
  • Getting a kid a car
  • Cell phones
  • Who pays for college
  • Allowance
  • Buying clothes
  • Eating out

Treating kids with equality

  • Parents have different incomes. Things might not be equal as far as gifts, clothes
    • Cell phone, computers, cars, clothes
    • Step-parent vs Bio-parent
  • Hard because they have different grandparents
    • Different Christmas gifts
    • paying for college
  • There isn’t equality, but we try our best
  • What about older kids that have already moved on.
    • Younger kids raised together are treated differently

Lemonade Moment of the Week

Jacob brings his “girlfriend” home to visit the family and they navigate two families (His Mom and Dad’s house) like pros

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