Podcast 2:13 – Shelter in Place Fatigue (COVID-19 Week 8)

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COVID-19 got you down. Quarantine is playing a number on our emotional and physical selves.
In this episode listen to how Darren & Paige handle their “Cabin Fever”.
Will anger and anxiousness take over or are there some things they have found work to ease the stress of uncertainty.

Angry and Anxiousness

  • Will the school decide to please (Grading for Distance learning)
    • School just did a pass/fail after our kids have been working hard to do distance learning
    • Tough situation – Needs to be fair for everyone.
    • Are we doing distance learning in the fall?
  • Uncertainty
  • Can’t back to our lives
  • See our friends
  • Go see our grandkids
  • Go sit on the beach.
  • Paddleboarding (Is it ok or is it not okay)
  • Hearing different things every day.
    • Sometimes doctors say something (Two Doctors in Bakersfield)
    • Other doctors saying not to leave your house for 18 months. 
    • Lower hospital rates are giving us I little bit of hope. So we push the limits of the stay at home order.
  • Governor says weeks until phase 2 next day is is days.

Fighting Quarantine Fatigue

  • Acknowledge your feelings
  • Get outside and go on a walk
  • Regular phone calls and video chats.
  • Interacting with other
  • Mindfulness, Yoga,
  • Go for a short drive in your car.
  • Say it is ok to feel this way.
  • Suffering in the short-term could pay off in the long term.

Fighting the Anger and Anxiousness

  • Limit how much time you are reading the news and social media.
  • Fill your time with other things. (New Hobby)
    • Everyone in California seems to be fixing their house. Lowes and Homedepot are crazy busy.
    • Read more
    • Gardening
    • New Recipes, baking
    • knitting
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Online courses
  • We hate being not in control of our lives so pick something to help other people. We wear masks to help other people feel more comfortable.
  • Play games with your family
  • Pick a series of movies. Becareful watching too much TV. 
  • Be outside. We bought patio furniture to be outside and comfortable.
  • Serve others. 
    • Sidewalk chalk
    • Take treats to locked ins. Even if they don’t eat them the thought that counts.
    • Call someone and check in on them.

Lemonade Moment of the Week

The Quarantine has given Madeline time to Bake new things for her shop.


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