Podcast 2:14 – Fighting Stereotypes and Assumptions of blended families

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COVID-19 and the corresponding quarantine has brought out some interesting stereotypes that we have seen over the last 3 months. This recognition of stereotypes has given Paige and Darren an internal look at stereotypes that they have had about divorce and blended families. In this episode, we expose the different stereotypes of divorced people, their blended families, and how to overcome those stereotypes.

Stereotypes of Divorce
  • Divorce is a contagious disease
  • Divorcees are not capable of love.
  • Marriage is not taken seriously.
  • You didn’t try hard enough.
  • What do you do to mess up?
  • You are selfish.
  • You must not be spiritual enough or close to God if you let this happen to you.
  • You failed.
  • Do you still let you kids play with other kids whose parents are getting divorced?

Stereotypes of Blended Families

  • The Brady Bunch is probably the first blended family.
  • People judge you individually that you could not keep your marriage together.
  • The kids are looked at broken. 
  • You are not from a good family anymore.
  • Kids joke that they are going to marry an orphan so they don’t have the drama.
  • Blended Families are a negative
  • Stepparents are blamed for the breakup of the marriage
  • Stepparents are rarely acknowledged or thanked.
  • No step-parents day, We have one.
  • Kids in blended families are spoiled.
  • At church, the assumption is made that something is wrong with you. You have to prove yourself before people trust you.
  • Kids in blended families are sad all the time.
  • Kids of blended families have more mental disorders. Research
  • Kids of blended families don’t perform as well academically. The research found that the stability of the household is more important than the family structure.
Blended Family Statistics
  • Sixteen percent of children live in blended families.
  • The number of kids living in blended families has been stable for nearly thirty years.
  • Children of Hispanic, black, and white backgrounds are equally likely to live in this type of family.
  • Children from Asian families are half as likely as Hispanic, black, or white kids to be part of a blended family.
  • Six of ten women’s remarriages create blended families.
  • 60% to 70% of blended families fail. this is twice the number of nuclear families.
Fighting assumptions 
  • Story of the man on the subway with the out of control kids.
  • Get to know someone before you jump to assumptions
Lemonade Moment of the Week
Darren accidentally cuts down the Orange tree that started growing hybrid lemons and oranges.

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