podcast 2:15 COVID the Great Divide

One Intel employee in Bengaluru potentially exposed to coronavirus ...
COVID-19 is starting to divide our nation and its families. Imagine trying to co-parent with different opinions on COVID safety, money problems due to layoffs, or school plans when schools start up again. There seems to be no gray area when it comes to people’s feelings on all of these subjects with respect to COVID and the quarantine. In this episode, we call on a dear friend Reice Morris, a life coach,  (www.riecemorris.com) to help us understand how people are dealing with this.
  • Assumption. You don’t wear a mask in the grocery store you don’t care about other people.
  • Assumption. If you wear a mask in the grocery store people think you’re taking this too far and going overboard.
  • Covid and the resulting quarantine has been divided our society
  • Some people believe that we need to be extra cautious. Others have felt like their Liberties have been taken away.
  • No matter what side of the debate you fall on people make assumptions about you.
  • This is exacerbated in a blended family where multiple parents are involved in the raising of children. If one parent is more cautious than the other parent is could cause additional Strife between an already tenuous relationship.
  • One of our friends is a life coach and has seen a huge uptick in people dealing with contentious spouses and ex-spouses about this issue.
  • In the past threats to our country or our society has brought people together and United them in a common cause this pandemic appears to have divided our society not just in America but throughout the world.
  • We have a son who’s getting married this Summer and it’s having a hard time deciding how many people can be at his wedding. Some people are saying throw caution to the wind and invite a hundred people others are saying be cautious and keep the numbers small. These are tough decisions that young married couples are making right now. 

  • One of the reasons why this is so divisive is it’s an unseen enemy that is already within our boarders.

  • Another, factor is information overload. Which source do you listen to.

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