podcast 2:16 – Taking a Break from COVID

Darren and Paige spend a week away from the world with the family. No COVID, no riots, just the forests, canyons, and family. Learn how we disconnect from our worldly cares and have a fun time decompressing.

  • Important to get away from the bad news of COVID, riots, etc..
  • COVID is still there and we followed the social distancing guidelines.
  • We took a trip from Northern California to a remote cabin in Southern Utah. Brian Head, UT
  • Thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us use your cabin.
Traveling with 7 adult size people
  • Our son Jacob loves MiniVans. When we tried to put everyone stuff in the minivan I was worried we could not fit it. Jacob found more storage.
  • .Option to take two cars. Jacob did not want to drive rather sit on the hump in the back.
  • The 10 hour trip in the car with 7 adult size people. Sitting arrangement is the most important thing
  • Traveled the loneliest highway in the US. Fallon, NV to Ely, NV is 250 Miles with 2 towns between. 4 hours of nothingness. Austin population 190, Eureka population 600.
  • Antilope, Cows, Deer, Chipmunks, Moving road (spiders or locusts)
Our week at 10,000 ft.
  • Getting used to the altitude (drink lots of water, humidifier, lack of sleep, head aches, nose bleeds)
  • Babies did great this time. First time our granddaughter came up to the cabin she was sick the whole time.
  • Our plan was not to have a plan. Just relax, take some hikes, enjoy no news, ride ATVs and have fun.
  • 3 hikes that we had fun on.
    • Cedar Breaks Elevation 10,500 ft. 
    • Alpine Pond – 2 mile hike with 500 feet elevation change. Very simple hike we took our granddaughters (1 and 4 years old).
    • Ramparts overlook – 4 mile hike with 1500 feet elevation change. Very hard hike.
    • Bryce canyon – 4 mile hike Queen’s garden and Navajo loop. Moderate hike.
  • One day in St. George visiting family. 
    • Great Honolulu Grill for lunch.
    • fun time with family and parents.

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