Podcast 2:17 – When Kids get Married in a Blended Family

Find out how to throw a COVID-19 wedding when children of a blended family get married. Something that could be over the top stressful turns out to be wonderful and very low stress.

Blended Family twist

  • Wedding Invitations ( What names go on the invite, etc… Whose name goes first, etc…)
  • Who is paying for what at the wedding, grooms family pays but which set of parents on the grooms family, who do you ask for what
  • Pictures. Who is going to be in the pictures?
    • Lists sent out ahead of time on who is going to be in the pictures.
    • The Step-Parents get into the pictures together. Funny moment.
  • Rehearsal dinner, Who sits next to who.
  • Who are they going to stay with when prepping for things?
  •  Our side has double the number of a parent than the other side
  • Who is sitting next to who at the parents’ table?
  • We felt for the bride’s family as they have to deal with two sets of parents and not knowing the dynamics between the couples.

COVID Restrictions

  • Limited in the Temple to 6 people then up to 16 people. Ability to adjust quickly to handle the changes.
  • Limited to 30 people for the Ring ceremony
  • Low-stress evening.
  • Rehearsal Dinner the night before. 
    • Finding a restaurant to handle the group means making adjustments. Eating at 3pm instead of in the evening.
  • The kids still got everything that they wanted, but at a smaller more intimate.
    • Bridal Shower, Ring Ceremony, Pictures, Dancing, Wedding Cake, Sparklers,
    • Jacob even had a bachelor party with his brothers. 

Lemonade Moment of the Week

  • We had a car breakdown when driving from Southern California. It has be in Los Banos for two weeks and we picked it up today and it is working fine. $100 Diagnostics. Thanks Car Guys.

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