Podcast 2:20 – Resolving Conflict in Marriage

In this episode, Darren & Paige discuss how to resolve conflict in marriage. Sometimes things work, and sometimes they don’t. Not every resolution results in a WIN-WIN solution, sometimes it is just good enough to push the answer until later. Find out how we navigate this part of our marriage.

Finding Solutions to Differences of Opinion

  • Express Views – These are not concerns, just views. What is your position
  • Explore concerns – Why do you have the idea you do? And what is behind it?
  • Select Mutually Satisfying Solutions 
    • Win-Win – 
    • Win-Lose – 
    • Lose-Lose – No one is satisfied
    • putting on the shelf for another time. Agree to set it aside.

Rules for Discussing Problems

  • Decide on a time and place to talk
  • Stay on topic – don’t bring up other things.
  • Seek to understand instead of arguing – What I hear you saying? Paige gets quiet.
  • Let your spouse talk – Paige lets me talk.
  • Speak softly – Ha Ha
  • Take a break, if necessary – Paige typically calls for the break. While I clean the closest.
  • Be kind – 
  • Use appropriate language – no name-calling
  • Discuss current issues – No past issues.
  • Do not use violence – 
  • Do not threaten divorce or separation – 
  • Seek spiritual help
  • Rest and try again
  • Find measurable solutions – No general statements, must be observable
  • Plan the implementation of the solution
  • Agree on Reminders – Nagging or a reminder
  • Reevaluate and revise –

Lemonade Moment of the Week

Paige gets to go to  Dollywood with her Mom. A life long dream for her Mom.

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