Podcast 2:21 – Even Stevens in a Blended Family

In this episode, Darren & Paige try to figure out how to keep things even between the kids, the ex(s), and the different houses. This is not an easy task! In fact,  we find that it is impossible and probably a waste of time and effort. Time to swallow your pride and do what is best for the kids and not worry about keeping up with your ex.

Trying to be even with your Ex

  • Do you get  a new car when you find out your ex gets a new car
    • Vacationing equity
    • Moving to a new house
    • New Car
    • Parties for the kids
    • Kids friend over
  • Time helps with not feeling like keeping up. Most of the time
  • Remind yourself that the kids are the important thing.
  • Don’t try to keep up with your Ex.
  • We might not enjoy doing something you might want to do it when you hear the Ex is doing with the kids.
  • Celebrate the kids having opportunities to do more things than they would with just you.

Kids wanting things even

  • Recently our 15 years old said. I always miss out when you do things.
  • Sometimes kids don’t have the opportunity that their step-siblings have because things are different at different houses. Like Sailing
  • Stop doing things just because we don’t have all of the kids.
  • Sometime when the kids do something with their mom, we want to do the same thing with Sam. Keeping things even.
    • Watching TV shows together. Do we wait to do it with all of the kids?
    • Movies, Do you change your plans because they already have plans with their Mom.
  • Try to make things even between the two houses for the kids?
    • Pumpkin patch
    • Hikes
    • Birthday parties
  • Double the chores at two houses. But Sam only has one house to do chores.
    • How do you make it even? 
  • Life is not fair

Lemonade Moment of the Week

Halloween decorations are out and it only took us 1 day. We have finally figured it out.

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