Podcast 3:2 – The Lemonade of Blended Families

There are many studies on the adverse effects of divorce and the trials of blended families. In this episode, Darren & Paige are only looking at the “Lemonade” of blended families. That is right put on your “Rose Colored Glasses” and look at all of the benefits of a blended family. If you want all of the hard things that come with a blended family check out all of our other episodes. 🙂 

For the kids

  • More Christmas presents
  • Two birthdays,
  • Two of the holidays
  • More Grandparents
  • Bonus parents.
  • Kids can see a better model of a relationship. If you are moved past the old baggage.
  • I broader world view. More aunts and uncles, grandparents and parents.
  • Kids tend to become more flexible because of conflict resolution and multiple households.
  • Kids typically score higher on emotional skills: forgiveness, generosity, and negotiation.
  • More siblings. Sam would be an only child 100% of the time. Not just 50%.

For the Parents

  • Sometimes we don’t have the kids. Some alone time.
  • Sometimes a step-parent can fill a gap in the bio-parents. My kids’ step Dad is a captain for sailing. and an Architect.
  • Sometimes kids bring different perspectives or talents to the family.
  • If you can move past old baggage, you can be more realistic about your relationship.
  • Financial stability over a single parent. More than one source of income.
  • Kids might be more honest with step-parents, be prepared to listen and take the input.
  • Learning to love not just by instinct. More kids to love.
  • Different world view. Blended Families include in-laws and the families are already grown up.
  • We make sure we have learned from our mistakes of our first marriage.
  • Teaches patience.

How to make Lemonade

  • Some of our kids did not start out liking the whole blended family.
  • We have to approach things and find Lemonade.
  • Make a conscious effort to be part of it.
  • Try and find something positive out of something really bad.
  • It takes effort and flexibility.

Lemonade Moment of the Week

Darren getting older gave us an excuse to go out. But everything is locked down. Except for the drive-in.

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