Podcast 3:5 – Disneyland Dad Syndrome

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Disneyland Dad Syndrome is real and affects blended families every day. It is so prevalent that there is a legal definition for it. So how do you become a Disneyland Dad? How do you deal with a Disneyland Dad? Darren & Paige give their insight into this problem in Blended Families.

What is a Disneyland Dad

  • Legal Definition
  • Only having fun when you are with the kids
  • No rules, responsibilities, or discipline
  • Indulging in gifts.

Why you become a Disneyland Dad

  • Intentional – deliberately overindulges the kids to undermine the other parent.
  • Un-intentional – Trying to have fun with his kids with limited time that they have with the kids.
  • “Visitation” – is a term that makes it seem like your kids are just visiting and therefore you want to use the very limited time doing fun things not school work or chores. etc…
  • Frequency of seeing the kids play a big part.
  • When we see the kids – Weekends and Evenings. Most families have fun on the weekends. Stay up late, excursions etc..
  • How to avoid being a Disneyland Dad
  • The parents do not have the same schedules or circumstances. School with homework, weekends only. etc..
  • Be consistent
  • Be involved
  • Encourage responsibility
  • Teach them
  • Consistently discipline. – Mom’s rules don’t matter at Dad’s house. Not good.

Dealing with a Disneyland Dad

  • Connect with your kids – The quality time is more important
  • Focus on your own relationship with your children. – You cannot control what the other parent does.
  • Let it go!! – Don’t get stuck in frustration and anger.
  • This is not a competition. Children are not consumer whose love is bought by stuff or entertainment
  • If you compete you lose. 
  • Being Present. Tune in. 
  • Don’t say negative things about your co-parent.
  • Have fun and play. Does not need to cost money.
  • Have confidence in your parenting. don’t compare yourself to the co-parent.

Lemonade Moment of the Week

The pinhole leak turned out to be a nail that slowly leaked.

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