Podcast 3:6 – Valentine’s Day Reboot

Have you ever wondered why Valentine’s Day is so stressful? We can tell you why. Expectations vs Reality. Listen to the latest “Where’s the Lemonade?” to hear how Darren & Paige handle or don’t handle this curious holiday so well.
And Yes that is Paige throwing away flowers that Darren got her for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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Valentine’s Day

  • Most wanted gifts for women (Big loving gestures, some love it,  and some hate it)
    • Card
    • Flowers
    • Chocolate
    • Jewelry
  • Most wanted for men 
    • Sex
    • Chocolate
  • Does your valentines day feel like Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was 1929.

Expectations and Reality

  • Inequality in the holiday
  • More pressure on men than women for this holiday
    • Women expect men to do something romantic for Valentine’s Day
    • So why (80% of cards are bought by women)?
    • Mostly for kids and grandkids
  • Our first Valentine’s Day disaster
    • Ballons on the ceiling, holes in the ceiling
  • Our second Valentine’s Day disaster
  • Gas station card at the last hour. after a 10-hour drive in the car in the snow.
  • Setting expectations: Paige tells Darren exactly what she expects for the holiday (but then apparently doesn’t mean it)
  • Communicate your needs as long as they are not ridiculous

Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  • For men to women 
    • Put some thought into your gift
    • Keep it simple. Do something different on that day. Something outside of the ordinary
    • Darren does not get Paige flowers on Valentine’s Day. He does it throughout the year.
    • A card with a handwritten note might be just what she needs
  • For women to men
    • I want to just get through this holiday without making her too disappointed
  • We have changed the holiday to be a fun family dinner auction. In celebration of the feast of St Valentine.
    • Thanks, Survivor
    • It takes the pressure off of having something extremely romantic and instead is something fun with the kids
    • This doesn’t mean we don’t do something romantic around that time


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