Podcast 2:10 – Week two of Covid 19

What do you call the disease caused by the novel coronavirus? Covid-19

It is week 2 of the “Shelter in Place” order from the state of California. In this episode learn how Darren & Paige handle uncertainty. anxiety, and lots of food. We focus on staying connected with friends and family, finding comfort, and finding lemonade when there are lots of lemons.

Staying connected

  • What’s with the T.P shortage? Who knew that T.P. would become such a commodity!
  • And yeast! Now we are all bakers? Why? There is plenty of bread in the stores.
  • How are everyone’s relationships holding up? 
  • We try to get a little time alone every day. Walk. Go to bed early and watch a show together. Go to the store together. Very exciting things!! And get some alone time as well. Put yourself on timeout. 
  • We were heading to the store and asked neighbors what we could get them. It has
  • Zoom is now very popular. 
    • The kids have had zoom get-togethers, we have for the church and I have with my friends. 
    • A great way to stay in touch. And share funny things happening.
    • Family Zoom mettings.
    • Set up a password for your meetings. And create the lobby so you can let people in.

Comfort (Food, Activities, Dogs)

  • COVID 19 stands for the 19 pound we will be gaining during this.
  • Paige is baking too. Funny how we want comfort food while isolated.
  • Family activities. We have watched less tv being home all the time then we used to.
  • Co-workers, kids, and parents have all gotten dogs recently.
  • Watch all of Netflix. Not a bad idea?

Staying positive

  • The unknown of all this causes great anxiety and fear. 
  • Stop listening to the news all day and sometimes stop looking at social media. 
  • Who hates the people that are now Martha Stewart and bill gates rolled into one??? It can be overwhelming to see people that are so creative and tech-savvy. It makes you feel like a failure.
  • Or you’re just barely surviving. 
  • Focus on your family and just do you. 
  • Stay positive but do you! Stop Comparing yourself to others.
  • Have to keep a sense of humor thru this trying time. (smoking toilet) one of the only good things about social media is the memes and gifs!

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